Welcome to The Golden Galleon.

Sister restaurant to the original Aldeburgh Fish and Chip Shop, The Golden Galleon serves up the same delicious Fish and Chips which are regularly voted some of Britain’s best. It would be a crime to come to Aldeburgh without a sample.

Fried the same way since 1967, we use the freshest East Coast fish alongside the best local potatoes to make our own chips. Have them wrapped to enjoy at home, or eat them the Aldeburgh way – sat on the seawall watching the waves breaking against the pebbles.

Yet there is more to The Golden Galleon than just take-away Fish and Chips. We also have a variety of burgers and pies alongside the traditional Fish and Chip Shop favourites. Alternatively, climb the stairs up to The Upper Deck and sit down to enjoy our fish and chips, whatever the weather.

Praise for our Fish & Chips

“Nothing beats fish and chips on the coast, and in Suffolk, the Aldeburgh Fish and Chip shop is a magnet for tourists and locals alike… it’s best to go to the Golden Galleon, a second shop owned by the same people with restaurant above”
The Observer

“It really was the best fish and chips in the world. Such dense, meaty fish, briney with the recent juices of the sea.  Perfect English chips: firm, dry, almost crispy, hot, hot, hot with a ‘mouth-filling yomp’ of floury potato.”
The Times Magazine (April 2008)

“In Aldeburgh, I often pick up the world’s most delicious fresh fish and chips. They’re just perfect for warming you up after a brisk, cold walk”
Stuart Gillies: Waitrose Food Illustrated (October 2008)

“The best fish and chips money can buy, especially when eaten on the sea wall.”
Harden’s Restaurant Guide (2008)

“The Aldeburgh chippie is arguably the best in the world”
The Sunday Mirror (July 2006)

Our Menu & Opening Hours 09/4/2017 – 15/4/2017

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Open 12 – 7pm
Lunch 12 – 2.30pm           Evening 5 -8pm
Lunch 12 – 2.30pm           Evening 5 – 8pm
Lunch 12 – 2.30pm           Evening 5 – 8pm
Lunch 12 – 2.30pm           Evening 5 – 8pm
Lunch 12 – 2.30pm           Evening 5 – 8pm
Lunch 12 – 2.30pm           Evening 4.30 – 8pm

Don’t forget, if The Golden Galleon is not open, we offer the exact same delicious Fish & Chips at the original Aldeburgh Fish and Chip Shop  just down the road.

“The finest chippie in Suffolk, and quite possibly the universe.”